If you are visiting Budapest, the first thing you are more likely to recall is that the Danube splits the city in half: Buda – on the west bank – and Pest – on the east bank. So, where shall you start?

First of all, it depends on how long you will be staying in Budapest. In our opinion, three full days would be enough to cover the essential of the Hungarian capital city. But how exactly should you do it? We strongly advise you to visit “one of the most beautiful European cities” by travelling throughout History.

Day 1

Start with Buda, the oldest part of the city, on day one. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, since you will be climbing hills and walking the whole day.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge seen from Buda Castle

Explore the Castle Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Instead of taking a regular bus to Buda Castle, cross the famous Szechenyi Chain Bridge (if you are staying in Pest) and board the Sikló funicular, which will take you to the heart of the hill, the castle. Enjoy the scenic view of Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Pest lying behind.

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As you reach the top of the hill, take a tour of the Castle and Royal Palace. Although the Royal Palace has only been completed in the 20th century, its construction began almost 500 years before. Inside, you will see wonderful gates and entrances, statues, the

Budapest 3
One of the Castle’s entrances

Hungarian National Gallery and more!

Depending on how much time you take to visit the Buda Castle, you will either have lunch or carry on strolling within Old Town’s charming streets.

Later on you cannot leave the Castle Hill before going to Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion. You will be completely blown away with the breath-taking landscape.

The last site I would recommend you to visit while you’re on Buda side is the Gellért Hill. The Citadel, which houses a fortress whose strategic defensive role had been important to Budapest, is situated on the top of the hill. However, nowadays the hill is nothing but a park where locals enjoy their free-time.

Day 2

After the first day, in which you’ve visited “Ancient Budapest”, the focus of the second day will be a renewed Budapest. Buildings and monuments from late 19th century and an appealing modern History make Pest a thrilling place to explore.

Begin your day visiting the Parliament of Hungary. Walk through huge corridors, be amazed by the magnificent Cupola Hall and of course imagine yourself as a politician while accessing one of the two chambers – the Upper House. Moreover, the Parliament’s surroundings host several monuments, for instance the 1956 Hungarian Uprising memorial.

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Budapest Parliament
The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

After lunch, go back in time and discover the remaining scars of the II World War in Budapest: the Jewish quarter. You will have the opportunity to visit the Dohány Street Synagogue and in some areas there are still walls from the former city ghettos. Inside the Synagogue, you will see an unforgettable willow tree, a sculpture in the shape of a willow tree whose leaves are named after Budapest Holocaust victims.

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Budapest 2
St. Stephen’s Basilica

Also, visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, a neo-classical Catholic Basilica and one of the largest churches in Hungary. If you have the opportunity to attend a classic music concert, I advise you to do so!

Finally, enjoy Budapest’s nightlife. Take a walk in Váci Utca, a street where you can shop and buy some souvenirs, which will take you to Vörösmarty tér, where you should try delicious cakes or gateaus at Gerbeaud Café.

Day 3

At last, day three will merge culture and leisure! To kick-off your last day in Budapest, make sure you visit Budapest’s Opera House. Similar to Vienna’s Opera House, this one is as beautiful as the one “next door”, although at a smaller scale.

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Take a walk in Andrássy út, a wide boulevard linking central Budapest to Heroes’ Square. Meanwhile, Andrássy út is plenty of restaurants where you may have lunch (if it is already time for it).

Budapest thermal baths
Széchenyi Thermal Baths

As you get to Heroes’ Square keep walking in the direction of Széchenyi Thermal Baths. This would probably be a unique experience in your trip to Budapest. Definitely, a must do! Enjoy your last afternoon in Budapest relaxing in “one of the main spa complexes in Europe”. Notice that you will have a completely different feeling if going there in summer or in winter, since the air temperatures range from a daily mean 26ºC in summer and below 0ºC in winter and the water temperature of the outdoor pools are at least above 26ºC all year.

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Pack your bags and enjoy the best of Budapest!

For more info about Hungary click here.



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