These are seven cities, from Asia to America, you should visit before next year:

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Founded in 1000, Oslo offers an outstanding “what to do’s” checklist. Jaw-dropping buildings, friendly people, exquisite museums, enormous parks and a beautiful landscape by the sea are enough reasons to get a flight to the Norwegian capital city.


Despite its worldwide famous surrounding cities, Budapest or Vienna, the capital of Slovakia is still a magical city. You will not be disappointed since the lack of tourists – comparing to other major destinations – let you enjoy the city as it deserves. Bratislava is a perfect getaway within Europe.


You won’t get tired of Bangkok’s traffic jam! You won’t regret spending hours in Buddhist temples! You won’t regret tasting new flavours! You will love amazing Bangkok.


Year after year, Porto, in Portugal, has been ranked in the top spots of every “Best places to visit” features. Why? A charismatic landscape, unique wines and absorbing History will make Porto unforgettable.


Either freezing or…less freezing, Europe’s Northernmost capital is just a small part of your Icelandic journey. Can you imagine nature wonders within a capital city’s boundaries? Puffins colonies and Tjörnin lake are a quick glance at Reykjavik’s tours.


A modern and voguish part of the city contrasts with its fascinating historical downtown. Spend a couple of days exploring Poland’s capital city and let History guide you in the streets of Warsaw.


Although Cuba is regarded as a mysterious country for some travellers, it is a unique adventure. La Habana is the symbol of an ancient island whose picturesque landmarks arouse visitors’ curiosity as you turn back time to the 1950s.




One thought on “TRAVEL ADVISOR | 7 Emerging cities to visit before 2017

  1. Nice to see Bratislava on your list and I can only agree that it is a city well worth a visit. I know that most people would do day trips from Vienna, but I would do the opposite and spend most of my time in Bratislava and maybe do a day trip to Vienna. 🙂

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