Madrid and Barcelona are undoubtedly the main touristic cities of Spain. However, we soon get caught by the large span of smaller towns and cities worth a visit while exploring the country’s inner regions.

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Nine different towns, whose locations cover several Spanish autonomous communities, from Andalucía to the Basque Country, are our suggestions to enrich your adventure in Spain.


Autonomous Community: Castille and León

If you were used to dream about living in the medieval era, then Ávila is the right place to be. The city lies within the town walls, whose construction began in the late XI century. Both the Cathedral and Plaza Mayor are some of Ávila’s highlights.

Plaza Mayor in Ávila


Autonomous Community: Basque Country

Located in the North, Bilbao is a renewed, rejuvenated and modernized city. Upon the Guggenheim Museum opening back in the 90s, which contributed to the fast growth and development of the city, Bilbao became a major Spanish cultural benchmark.


Autonomous Community: Andalucía

Formerly known as the capital of the Islamic Emirate and Caliphate of Córdoba over the Islamic era in the Iberian Peninsula, Córdoba ensures unique views and an islamic cultural legacy and heritage as no other place in Western Europe.


Autonomous Community: Andalucía

Granada can either be a remarkable cultural attraction or the perfect city for a winter-sport holidays. On the one hand, the Alhambra and the Moorish citadel are widely considered the most significant Islamic heritage site in Spain. On the other hand, it is located at the foothill of the Sierra Nevada mountains, a common and regular winter destination among Spaniards and Portuguese.


Autonomous Community: Castille and León

Just fifty miles away from the Portuguese border, Salamanca is the second major urban area of Castille and León and is home to the University of Salamanca, the oldest in Spain and one of the oldest in Western Europe. Furthermore, the Cathedral and the Plaza Mayor are, as well, landmarks of this “old-young city”.

Details of Salamanca


Autonomous Community: Basque Country

San Sebastián or Donostia (in Basque) is a famous touristic destination in Spain and has once been called the summer-beach holiday destination of the elites. Moreover, the city hosts, annually, an international cinema festival and offers beautiful sceneries along the bay.


Autonomous Community: Castille and León

One of the most untouched Roman heritage sites in Spain is located in Segovia. The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia is the city’s main attraction. In addition, the city features two beautiful examples of Gothic, late-Gothic and Romanesque architecture styles: the Alcázar of Segovia and the Cathedral.


Autonomous Community: Castille-La-Mancha

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, Toledo has once been the capital of the Spanish Empire, before it was moved to Madrid. The city has countless sights and activities, for instance, the Gothic Cathedral, the Alcázar, the El Greco Museum, among many others.


Autonomous Community: Extremadura

Located nearby Cáceres, Trujillo is a one-of-a-kind gorgeous town. Although it is not as big as any of the previous eight cities, Trujillo’s landmarks are very carefully preserved. Walking the narrow streets towards the top of the hill from the central square, Plaza Mayor, is the best way to explore the birth place of Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru.

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5 thoughts on “TRAVEL ADVISOR | 9 City-Breaks in Spain

  1. We just came back from Spain, went to some cities on your list, went to Seville also. I think I have 4 posts on Spain. I like all of your photos. Thank you for liking my new post. I’m following you, you may do the same and visit some of my travel photos, even though I traveled for 15 years and just post a fraction of my photos.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, like and follow!
      Actually, I’ve been following you for some time and I love your photos as well. Next time you come to Europe, I advise you to visit Portugal and its capital city, my hometown, Lisbon 🙂

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