We all have those “dream” destinations! And, for some reason that we cannot – unfortunately – explain, they always sound impossible targets. Forget this idea!

Travelling taught us to love the world as it is and, more important, we have changed the way we look at cultures, ideas, beliefs and countries. How many times have we heard some places are not worth a visit? That is not what we think. We want to go everywhere, because there will always be something we are going to learn, discover and love. 

This year has just started. It is time to search for new destinations around the world to travel throughout 2017. Our desire is to help our visitors finding their own paradise.

Below we listed 10 countries we would love to visit in 2017. Maybe you will find yourself eager to explore destinations you have never thought of! Scroll down until you reach our #1 country and pay attention to these wonderful photos (please, note that the photos were not taken by us and the author is properly identified).

10. Armenia

Location: Caucasus, Europe

Capital: Yerevan

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9. Bolivia

Location: South America

Capital: La Paz

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8. Romania

Location: Europe

Capital: Bucharest

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7. South Africa

Location: Africa

Capital: Pretoria

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6. Grenada

Location: Caribbean

Capital: St. George

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5. Japan

Location: Asia

Capital: Tokyo

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4. Guatemala

Location: Central America

Capital: Guatemala City

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3. Namibia

Location: Africa

Capital: Windhoek

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2. Nicaragua

Location: Central America

Capital: Managua

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1. Madagascar

Location: Africa

Capital: Antananarivo

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Have you ever been to any of these destinations? How did you like it? Tell us everything! If you have not, which one sounds more appealing?

May 2017 be a year with lots of researching, preparation and travels. We wish you a bright and happy new year!



6 thoughts on “TOP 10 | Countries to visit in 2017

  1. Fantastic list – I highly recommend Grenada, I lived there for three years and miss it terribly. There’s so much to do, from hiking in the rainforests to boating around the island on the clear waters. Carnival in August (Spice Mas) is also not to be missed, a huge festival that the whole island participates in 🙂

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