Iceland has been witnessing, in the past couple of years, a boom on its tourism industry. Since Keflavik’s International Airport expansion in the last decade, the number of tourists visiting Iceland has been constantly rising, leading to governmental measures to bar, or at least to limit, the flow of curious foreigners in the land of ice and fire.

Fortunately, we had our time to explore the country back in 2015. Our itinerary was way too ambitious for the five days we would be walking, driving and hiking in Iceland. Nevertheless, since we strove to make it possible, we explored the most of the western and southern regions of Iceland, living a beautiful adventure “into glaciers” and majestic landscapes.

Please, bear in mind that, besides our tips to explore Iceland, a camera is one of the best resources to explore Iceland! As we usually say, nobody is a bad photographer in this wonderful country.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Major regions shown in the photos:  Reykajvik; Golden Circle; West Iceland (Akranes and Langjökull Glacier Ice Cave)


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