This decade has been a dream come true for Portugal and for the Portuguese people. The westernmost country of Europe has been praised in several international travel awards, every year, which helps boosting the tourism industry, promoting the country overseas and attracting (and welcoming) new visitors.

Despite Lisbon’s world-wide superb reputation, Portugal offers a broad range of cultural activities beyond the usual reported ones. From the dazzling mountainous landscapes in the North to the vast plains in the South and the beautiful archipelagos – Madeira and Azores – this nation, our country, may very well be todays’ “must-visit” ranked number one.

The following photographies, taken by us, depict a friendly and lovely european country with cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking landscapes, ancient History and a one-of-a-kind culture. Travelling to Portugal is always a good idea year-round with a superb climate and diversity in attractions.

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For further information, please click in the following links to visit the official websites: Azores, Madeira, Lisboa, Porto, Algarve, Alentejo.

So, have you already started planning your trip to Portugal?




6 thoughts on “PHOTO GALLERY | These photos prove why Portugal is a world leading destination

    1. The place in the cover photo is Lagoa das Sete Cidades in S. Miguel island in the Azores. It was taken from a specific viewpoint called Vista de Rei. Trekking is certainly possible and advised ;), camping I’m not completely sure whether there are camping sites nearby.. renting a car is usually the most common way to visit the island.

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