Born and raised in the westernmost country in Europe – Portugal – we are siblings sharing a passion: the world. More than twenty years later, North, East, West and South have already been visited. Nevertheless, the anxiety and eagerness of going somewhere else remains the same. There are and there will always be hidden places we still have on our list.

On the one hand, Dot the Map – Travel Blog is not only a quicker and easier way to share the world through our lens, but it is also a wake up call for new and exciting places we will discover from your ideas and experiences. Therefore, communication will definitely be a tool to improve and develop our relationship as well as to enjoy the world the best way as possible.

On the other hand, both of us are communication/journalism students aiming that the blog might be either a gateway to improve and develop techniques or practice foreign languages, for example. Travelling, writing and photography are passions and hobbies. Please note that we are neither professional photographers nor experienced journalists. Nevertheless, we remind you we own the photographies published. Hence, all rights are reserved for both property and use.

We are sure this will be a whole new adventure, yet this is just the beginning. Feel free to join us and let’s start this journey!

Kind regards,
Miguel Gonçalves; Manuel Gonçalves