TRAVEL GUIDE | Rome in 4 days

Who has not seen "The Gladiator" yet? Rome lives in everyone's memories, either because of History or the movie industry, who have been playing vital roles in immortalizing the great ancient Roman Empire. Hence, the capital of modern Italy welcomes millions of curious travellers every year, whose expectations are, (almost) always, fulfilled!  Rome is not only … Continue reading TRAVEL GUIDE | Rome in 4 days


TRAVEL GUIDE | Dubai in 3 days

Dubai has already been called "the 21st century big apple". Beneath its dusty blue sky lies an enormous and vast multicultural, renewed and jaw-dropping metropolis. We went in August - which may not be the proper season, although we do not regret - and we stayed for three days filled up with activities within the city … Continue reading TRAVEL GUIDE | Dubai in 3 days

TRAVEL GUIDE | Abu Dhabi in 48 hours

This summer our choice was clear: Middle East. We had never been there before and the islamic culture, customs, traditions, among many more attributes have always caught our attention. Our twenty-day UAE&Oman adventure started with a short-stay in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, which we will be introducing to you in this … Continue reading TRAVEL GUIDE | Abu Dhabi in 48 hours