PHOTO GALLERY | These photos prove why Portugal is a world leading destination

Despite Lisbon's world-wide superb reputation, Portugal offers a broad range of cultural activities beyond the usual reported ones. From the dazzling mountainous landscapes in the North to the vast plains in the South and the beautiful archipelagos - Madeira and Azores - this nation, our country, may very well be todays' "must-visit" ranked number one.


PONTO PT | O voo da aculturação

Embarque. Aquele momento em que uma fila interminável reúne crianças impacientes, resmunguice, atropelamentos e chico-espertos. Aguardo. Passada a fase das burocracias, mergulho no ambiente singular de um jetway, que por outras palavras se definiria como um portal que une dois mundos. O ambiente permanece inóspito. Afinal, ainda se trata do procedimento de embarque. Chego à … Continue reading PONTO PT | O voo da aculturação

TRAVEL ADVISOR | Why may multi-city flights be the best option?

This week's topic is one of our top priorities while planning, booking and travelling. Since we have never published a post concerning the "flights issue", we will discuss this topic carefully in this post and in future ones. Searching flights online might lead anyone to despair. Is it just me or 99% of the times, … Continue reading TRAVEL ADVISOR | Why may multi-city flights be the best option?